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Welcome to Afful Consulting Corp.

Welcome to Afful Consulting Corporation 

We are delighted that you were led to our site, and we are sure that you will like what you see!  Afful Consulting Corporation believes in providing quality corporate training for employers that believe in making their employees great.  Afful Consulting is based in Detroit MI and has offices in Dallas TX.  We are a minority owned management consulting firm that offers a variety of services. 

Our facilitations and consultations fall under two categories:  Human Capital Management all aspects of Diversity, team improvement, leadership, retention/recruitment, and customer service training; and then Employment Law Harassment, Discrimination, Equal Employment Opportunity, Affirmative Action, and the development of employee handbooks/policy manuals that are in compliance with state and federal law. Our facilitations are geared for organizations of all sizes.  There is no entity too small or too large to work with.  Afful Consulting has been providing services in the area of Human Capital Management for over 17 years.

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